Dr. Trudy's Vision and Mission

Her vision is to open God's Word to all that have ears to hear. She is an evangelistic ministry committed to delivering messages of faith, hope and love that transcend cultural, generational, and denominational boundaries. " Strenghtening Indivduals, Families; Encourage Faith; and Preach the Gospel."

We believe that God wants individuals and families made whole through salvation in His Son, Jesus Christ. More specifically, we believe that God's word has the power to: Restore Families and Broken Relationships; Prevent Divorce; Break Bondage's of Addiction; Reverse the Curse of Poverty; Heal the Sick; Lead God's Children Out of Worldly Mundane Lifestyles; Deliver Emotional and Spiritual Healing; and Give Life Eternal!

By illuminating scriptures that teach life transforming principles and by imparting an atmosphere of faith that cultivates fertile ground for miracles,boldly proclaim God's promises to the nations! Body, Soul, Spirit!