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TV Shows

People Pleasing

How many of us struggle with people pleasing? Do you struggle with saying no to people? Are you afraid people will get mad at you if you say no to them? Are you obsessed with what people think of you? Trudy shares the root for the pleasing.

Having a Healthy Relationship With Yourself

Do You Have A Healthy Relationship With Yourself? Dr Trudy shares Psalm 139 wherein God speaks of all the ways He loves us and created us for His purpose. Can you choose to put on your Robe of Righteousness? You will be glad you did.

Lies That Women Believe

Topic is, Lies That Women Believe and The Truths That Will Set Them Free. Dr Trudy has 11 lies that she will walk you through today. These lies are ones she hears in her counseling room from women who have been kept paralyzed from truly living the abundant life.

Spiritual Breakthrough

Features 5 Ways to Spiritual Breakthrough. So many of us get stuck in our own dysfunctions and can't move forward to victory. Listen as Pastor Trudy shares how you can receive breakthrough.

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