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There's a distinct difference between feeling convicted and feeling condemned. Conviction leaves room for correction while condemnation tears down the character of a person, with no hope in site. Dr. Trudy Simmons has mastered the ability to leave an audience full of broken, unhappy and unfulfilled people desiring more from themselves, their careers and wanting to correct the way they do life. She brings zeal, character and joy to an audience. She is a woman of grace and humbleness. But, she means business as she goes to war for women and men around the world, interceding and speaking life into everyone she encounters. She's more than a speaker, an author, a mother, a life coach – Dr. Trudy Simmons is truly a leader worth following and I am honored to have encountered her.

Toni J. Preyer, Creative Marketing

Trudy Simmons served as a guest speaker for the Freedom Today Beach Conference. She is an annointed woman of God. Her journey of faith – as revealed in her testimony – gives hope to the hopeless. Her knowledge and passion for the Word of God encourages, trains and equips all of those she influences through her teachings. I highly recommend Trudy as a guest speaker and Bible teacher for your next event. She is a blessing!

Deborah Ross, Freedom Today Television Co-Host
Deborah Ross Ministries, Inc.

Trudy Simmons helps women to open up and be honest with themselves and others about issues close to the heart. Trudy has led workshops at our conferences on topics ranging from body image to marriage…and each time women have left encouraged to face difficult issues. Trudy's candid and refreshing approach is sure to be a blessing to any organization or women's group!

Melissa Tamplin, Founder, The PURE Conference

Dr. Trudy Simmons, ministered at Team Soteria Ministries, in Mableton, Georgia for our No Mas Dolor Women's conference. Dr. Trudy, blessed us with a powerful teaching on how to overcome, in life. She shared various aspects, of her life, and how she was able to overcome, through the Word of God. The message she ministered was truly anointed and inspired all that heard her to keep moving forward, no matter what Satan throws, their way. God has truly anointed Dr. Trudy Simmons, to minister healing and deliverance to His people.

Pastor Terry R. Graham
Sister Susie Graham

Trudy has a heart and an undeniable passion for helping women and their marriages. At our Fall Women's Conference, she shared on the difficult topic of sexual intimacy. Her ability to connect with her audience was confirmed with an overwhelmingly positive response as women commented that this is often an overlooked subject. Trudy is able to gently direct women without mincing God's truth. In the words of those who attended, "Very Sensitive and informative," "God revealed…She did a wonderful job speaking," and "Excellent speaker!"

Gay Brownlee
SE Region Protestant Women of the Chapel
Assistant Conference Coordinator and Workshop Coordinator

Trudy Simmons led a wonderful women's spiritual retreat for Smyrna First United Methodist Church.  She is a gifted facilitator who demonstrates her love of the Lord with her sweet spirit and caring heart.  Trudy guided each of us through various activities to an awareness of how special we are as women in God's eyes.  What a blessing!

Rev. Barbara Hatchell
Associate Pastor, Smyrna First UMC

Trudy Simmons is not only an expert in her field, but she is also a real person–a wife and a mother. Her message, both humorous and touching, helped teach practical ways to improve our relationship with our children, husband and most importantly, God. It was clear to our group that she genuinely wanted to empower us moms to be all that God has called us to be.

Katie Phillips
MOPS Coordinator, Dunwoody Baptist Church

Trudy spoke to my MOPS group twice on relationships. Her presentation on getting along with women and friends provided insight into the often complicated world of female friendships. Her second presentation dealt with getting along with your spouse. Through her personal stories and Biblical references, we learned how by following a Christ-like approach we can nurture and deepen the relationships that He has given us. I highly recommend Trudy as a speaker. She will support and challenge all who are blessed to hear her words.

Beth Parks
MOPS Coordinator

It is rare to find a person that is as passionate about Prayer as Trudy Simmons. God's Spirit flows her powerfully as she prays with compassion for the needs of others.

Trudy was my faithful partner in helping to start the prayer group which would eventually become the Atlanta West Community Bible Study (CBS). Her love for The Lord is genuine, as is her love for others. Her teaching is transparent, practical and Biblically based. She is a blessing to our community and to countless others who've had the opportunity to hear her speak and share her testimony. Her heart for God and her passion for prayer are infectious and inspiring!

Kelly Healy
Teaching Director, Atlanta West CBS

Dr. Trudy Simmons was our keynote speaker at our fall women's conference. What a blessing! The theme of "Unstoppable Women" struck a cord with both our young and older women. Trudy is an inspiring and passionate speaker who will touch the hearts of anyone fortunate enough to hear her. We hope to have her back again.

Kitty Metzger
King Spring Baptist Church – Smyrna, GA

I would highly recommend Trudy Simmons to anyone who needs guidance or counseling in their lives. I have had the pleasure of knowing Trudy for over 17 years. In that time, not only has she counseled me numerous times, but I have also had the joy in watching her shape the lives of those around her in such a positive way.

I have watched her handle the difficulties that she has been dealt in her life with grace and dignity. I have seen her use the lessons she has learned from those experiences to further her faith and to help others who have struggled as well.

Trudy has always had a heart for helping others. Her compassion and empathy are ever present and are a true gift to those who open themselves up to her. For those reasons, I highly endorse her to anyone who is looking for a counselor.

Michelle Ward

As the final guest speaker for the Mt. Nebo Baptist Church's Women's Empowerment and Enrichment Conference, Dr. Trudy reeled it in/summed it up by highlighting the women of the Bible who empowered themselves by taking risks and stepping outside of their comfort zones. Her illustration of Ruth, Naomi, Rahab and others helped us identify examples and character traits we must possess to empower ourselves. She was humorous, light, witty and connected with the audience. We absolutely loved her! At the end of the conference, several attendees cited that Dr. Trudy did a great job providing biblical examples of women who, by empowering themselves:

1. Not only enhanced their lives, but enhanced the lives of others.
2. Changed the course of the world at that time, by opening the door to salvation

We loved Dr. Trudy and can't wait to hear what she will equip us with next year!

Vanessa Davis









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